So you want to market your band?

Successful bands market themselves just like a business by spending time in developing their online image. In contrast, bands fail to reach their full potential because they do not take advantage of crucial marketing techniques. These techniques help in establishing a legitimate and successful online image. This legitimacy will help boost professionalism in order to land higher paying gigs & grow your fan-base. In short, a band without marketing is like a car without gas.

Marketing Components

Get Found On Search Engines & Social Networks

SEO & Social Media

When you purchase a Marketing Support License with Market My Band, managing every aspect of your band's online image becomes simple. Promote your online presence, boost public relations, and attract the right audience, all in one place.

Expose your media to a global audience

Gain access to resources that allow you to reach a wider audience through search engines and social networks.

Grow your fan base through social media

Help fans find you on Facebook, Twitter, and other popular networking sites with free and paid social media marketing techniques.

Entice studios, labels, venues, and booking agencies.

Impress recording studios, recording labels and prospective venues with a legitimate and accessible artist image.

Keyboard and Computer Photo

Develop a Professional & Credible Brand

Web Development & Design

Websites are important for any entity that wishes to succeed in marketing themselves online. Developing your band's website ensures credibility and exposure.

Develop & unlock your brand value

Although social media plays an important role in brand development, websites allow you fully unlock your band's online potential.

Build an online presence that attracts listeners

Every website we build is optimized to work seamlessly with popular search engines, social media and social networking sites.

Create a hub for fans to access your information

Consolidate your band's information, media, and social profiles to make it easy for current and future fans to find and follow you.